About Us

Library@Home is an attempt to create an excitement in your life with books you have always wanted to read without having to spend a lot of money for new books. Not many people read a book twice. Think about yourself. How many books have you read more than once? May be just one or two. So, why spend a packet buying new books? At library@Home, we ensure that your love for books does not stop. We ensure that you will get the book you want to read at a fraction of the price of a new book. We sell pre-owned books (rather PRE-LOVED BOOKS) at mind-boggling discounts. No, we do not comromise on quality. We believe in complete transparency. Each book is clearly labelled with the condition of the book. The condion ranges from brand new to acceptable and of course, priced accordingly.

Executive Management Team

Shyam N Patnaik, Proprietor and founder has over 25 years of experience in financial services industry including 14 years with ICICI Bank. An MBA from International Management Institute, New Delhi, he has worked in almost all areas in banking and finance including retail banking, wholesale banking, commercial banking and people management. He has successfully handled several mergers and acquisitions during his tenor in various organizations. Having worked in challenging environments, he understands the need for stress management and work-life balance and has been a constant source of inspiration to teams he has worked with. Reading is his passion and he strongly believes in the various merits of reading.

Dr J N Patnaik, Senior Consultant and Advisor, is an academician with a doctorate in english literature. With over 30 years of experience in teaching and research, Dr Patnaik is also an acclaimed author of many books in english literature and Oriya. Some of his books are taught as part of the post graduate curriculum in universities in India and abroad. Dr Patnaik is a voracious reader and is responsible for the literary collection of the library including news and reviews.

Deepak Pawar, Senior Consultant and Advisor-Corporate Strategy, has over 12 years of experience in manufacturing and financial services industry. An MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, he is responsible for the overall scope and direction of the company, facilitating various business units into working towards generating value to all stake holders. Deepak is also involved in financial and management consultancy through his company, Grow Financial Services Consultancy Private Limited www.growfs.com and in healthcare activities through 'Penguin Clinic for Child Health' - concept clinic for Well Child Development & Preventive Health Care.