Some great books of yesteryears children should read

"Fearless" series by Francine Pascal
1999 - 2004
Recommended for children above 12 years

Published in 1999, the first book in the series, "Fearless" was named one of YALSA's "Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers" for 2001. Francine Pascal is also the writer of the highly popular series "Sweet Valley High" with 603 books and 88 TV episodes.

Fearless series by Francine Pascal follows the life of Gaia Moore, a seventeen year old girl without the gene of fear. Trained in most forms of martial art, proficient in several languages and with an IQ that is off the chart, Gaia lives with her foster parents after her father, a CIA agent, walked out of her life when her mother was murdered.

While Gaia wants to be a teenager like everyone else, her mysterious past, her missing family and her first romance distract her from feeling like normal. Her life changes drastically when she learns that someone is bent on hurting her for her special skills and will do anything to get her. The series is told primarily in three story arcs, each of which has its own primary antagonist, and concludes with Gaia graduating from high school.

Completely action packed, "Fearless" series of books is highly addictive and unputdownable. Although the first book in the series was published about 17 years ago, the plot and the characters can easily be related by the children today. There are 36 books in the series and each volume can be comfortably finished in about 3 hours.

Goodreads average rating: 3.98

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