• April 12, 2017
    Posted by: Manmeet Singh


    I had a book from this series earlier also but I thought it is too boring for me as I am not a COMIC-TYPE person but when I reluctantly ordered this book and started to read, I developed an immediate liking for it as this book is not boring as it seems to be.I couldn't stop reading (with enthusiasm of course) after I read the first chapter.
    It was one of the hilarious AND funniest comic after Cal...

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  • January 06, 2017
    Posted by: Forum Facilitator

    The Chemist - No paranormal romancing anymore!

    After a staggering sale of over 155 million copies of "Twilight", the next novel, "The Host" which sold about 6.5 million copies, did generate some interest, but could not compete with the earlier novel. Despite the theme featuring shape shifters, vampires and werewolves, "The Host" was considered a grown-up novel, though many adult readers did not think it as a unputdownable.

    Targeting a simil...

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