Got books you don't need? Donate them to us for others to read!

Many of us have used books overflowing on our shelves or piled up in cartons in the store. There are two alternatives - let the books lie where they are occupying precious space in your house without any productive benefit or sell them to a kabadiwalah.

We offer you a third alternative. You can share your books with other book lovers through us. We are happy to accept books as donation from our well wishers. We are neither a NGO nor a charity organization, but we will take care of your books and make them available to our members.

Before considering donating books to us, we request you to kindly read our policy on donated books.

We are NOT a non-profit organisation. We are a subscription based book rental library

What kind of books can be donated to Library@Home

We are a book rental library. Our members have varied tastes and reading habits. Hence, our collection includes various genres including business and references. We accept all kinds of books except textbooks and course reference books. The books must be legal copies fit for circulation

We pick up books from Gurgaon locations only. For other locations, the esteemed donor has to kindly get the books to our office at Gurgaon.

Textbooks and reference books are not rented out from Library@Home. Textbooks and reference books received as donations are offered FREE to our members. Click here to view the scheme.

Workbooks or Textbooks already used by writings and solving exercises are not accepted. Only clean (without any writing or scribbling) and recent (not more than 2 years old) can be donated

What we do with your books

After we receive the books, we classify them into following categories:

  1. Books fit for circulation
  2. Unusable books

Issuable books are added to the library collection and circulated amongst the members like all other books.

Unissuable books include books which are

  • torn
  • scribbled/defaced
  • damaged beyond repair
  • Pirated or illegally printed
  • Purchased earlier than 10 years
These books are sold in the market as wastes.75% of the proceeds of such disposal are donated to our partner organizations engaged in voluntary social work and 25% of the proceeds are adjusted towards the cost of handling the process.

We do not accept magazines or periodicals or newspapers as donation.

Terms & conditions

  1. The books donated are for the purpose to be decided by Library@Home.
  2. The donor will not be able to request for return of the books once donated.
  3. Unusable books will be sold as waste and proceeds realized will be donated to organizations as decided by Au fait Stressbusters Pvt Ltd.
  4. Library@Home will not compensate for the books donated, either by way of discounts or in cash or in kind.

For donating books, please submit the following details to enable us to arrange for the pick-up.

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 I have read and understood the Donation Policy mentioned above
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